Vinegar - our passion.

The fact that vinegars are used for cooking is probably as old and as widespread on earth as the preparation of food itself. In the old days, vinegar was an indispensable companion to preserve food over a longer period of time and to protect food against bacteria or spoilage.

Nowadays we use fine vinegars to flavor delicacies, to give food a particularly fine taste and to be able to digest food well. Our Doktorenhof vinegars are based on the best original wines, naturally fermented and stored for years in old oak barrels. They season our dishes in a sophisticated way and enchant the palate with their refined acidity. Use Doktorenhof vinegars for cooking, as a vinaigrette and for seasoning and refining.

Cooking - enjoying and celebrating: things that are more important today than ever. Enjoy naturalness and simple elegance - understand and love the fine. Vinegar, probably the oldest companion of mankind, has always been considered an indispensable spice and wellbeing - elixir. The very best base wines from our vineyards are the basis for our essences and the reliable foundation of our work on vinegar.

Celebrated as an aperitif, our creations stimulate the appetite, sensitize the taste buds and put you in the mood for the upcoming meal. As an intermediate course “Trou normand”, vinegar has a stimulating effect on the stomach and creates space for the actual main course. Served as a digestif, it counteracts the feeling of fullness and underlines the easy digestibility of the food.

In a time marked by speed and haste, one often forgets that there are elementary processes on earth that have existed unchanged since primeval times. This undoubtedly also includes the fermentation of wine to vinegar. Today we know that the Greek scholar Hippocrates reported on the use of vinegar for respiratory diseases and digestive problems.

The Roman legionaries used vinegar as an "energy drink" which they called "Posca". It should serve as refreshment and strengthen the immune system. Finally, in the Middle Ages, herbal vinegar mixtures were used as an effective means of relieving bad moods.

Georg Wiedemann

„Vinegar for vinegar is unique, from start to finish.“

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