Vinegar tours

Vinegar tour with tasting.

The subsequent vinegar tasting takes place while sitting. To be tried three different aperitif vinegars

  • a digestif vinegar
  • a vinegar for health
  • with it we serve vinegar pralines and sourdough bread.

The cellar tour with herbal chamber tour and vinegar tasting includes mystical things, stories, anecdotes, interesting facts, production, mode of action as well as culinary things around the vinegar. We offers:

  • greeting in the vinegar parlor
  • Dressed in robes, a cellar tour through the Sacrosanctum - the Holy of Holies - the candle-lit vinegar cellar
  • Inhalation in the vinegar cellar
  • Visit of the Doktorenhof Herb Chamber
  • Mustard creation tasting
for individuals
For groups

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